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December 1999

Booting SCO_OSR5- CPU 
- I think it's unfortunate that most programmers and administrators don't have much knowledge of hardware or indeed much interest in it. I can understand that to some degree; I'm not the soldering iron type myself. But having at least a superficial understanding is, I think, important.
AlphaCom3 Terminal Emulator 
- This is a review of an older version - the latest cuts are even better and this was darn good!
Visionfs Printing to LaserJet- J.P. Radley  by Jean Pierre Radley
- This is a diff format file, suitable for use with patch.
Booting SCO_OSR5 
- PC Bootstrap: I'm ignoring the POST (Power On Self Test) routines and anything else (security checks, etc) that might be built into your machine. Obviously all of that happens prior to boot, but isn't important for this article.