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August 2008

Bad day all around   by Anthony Lawrence
- I've been having some strange problems with my Mac Book Pro lately. Nothing very serious; it just doesn't always go to sleep when I tell it to. The screen goes blank, and the little "sleep" light comes on, but it doesn't blink, and the hard drive and fans are still running. Sometimes it will complete the transition after a few minutes, but often I've come back after hours to find it still halfway there.
Change Control Management   by Michael Desrosiers
- This month's topic is about what can happen if your organization does not have a Change Control Management plan in place. This e-newsletter was based on an article that was taken out of the San Francisco Chronicle.
Questions on Vnc and bootstrings   by Phil
- At the Forum, Phil has questions on X11VNC and booting
Email Basics  by Anthony Lawrence
- Before we get started, what's the first word you think of when I say "email"?
Oil Exploration   by Anthony Lawrence
- Somebody please explain this to me?
Website Optimization   by Anthony Lawrence
- This is going to be the one I recommend for website owners.
Privileged Account Management   by Michael Desrosiers
- A standard part of the installation process whether it is an operating system, database or application, is the creation of privileged accounts.