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August 2007

The Practice of System and Network Administration (second edition)   by Anthony Lawrence
- The broad coverage is a bit unexpected: there's a chapter on Being Happy, chapters on hiring and firing - I'm surprised that there isn't a chapter on being fired, though I suppose if you religiously followed the advice here, maybe you needn't worry about that.
Ajax Construction Kit   by Anthony Lawrence
- Chapter one starts off the way every tech book should start off, by describing what Ajax does for you. Most books would start off describing how to drive a car by jumping into a description of the engine rather than telling you that you can use it to get to the store and carry groceries back. Michael Morrison does it right, giving you the usefulness before delving into specifics.
HP's CloudPrint   by Anthony Lawrence
- My neighbor mentioned this in passing the other day. He had the details wrong; he thought this sent documents to your cell phone for storage and later printing. No, that's not quite it, but it's almost as silly.
Vulnerability Scanning   by Michael Desrosiers
- Vulnerability scanners return information that the vendors think are important. The problem is that many of the vulnerabilities found and ranked as high, medium or low priority may not really apply to your environment. A glitzy report containing security weaknesses looks good, but it is likely not in your organization's best interest. I will sometimes come across issues that are flagged as "Level 5" or "Critical Priority", that really have no immediate impact in the environment that I am performing the test.
Cry me a river   by Anthony Lawrence
- File sharing felon forced to install windows: Poor "sk0t". Last year he was sentenced to five months in jail for copyright theft of Star Wars III. He also got five months of probation, and if he wants to use a computer during that time, our mean evil government is telling him that he can't run Linux because they want to monitor his on-line activities, and their monitoring software, alas, only runs on Windows.
Pile of Books   by Anthony Lawrence
- I've had a small pile of books accumulating here. Some are vaguely interesting, but nothing I really was hot to dive in to. The pile is too high, so I'll run through them all at once here.
First Vista   by Anthony Lawrence
- I had my very first Vista experience the other day. A neighbor had bought a new laptop but had some photos on an old Windows 98 machine that needed to be transferred.
DNS troubleshooting   by Anthony Lawrence
- DNS errors or misconfiguration causes all sorts of strange network behavior, including slow logins.