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August 2005

Why "no route to host" when it can be pinged?  by (various authors)
- It's probably running an internal firewall which is set to generate ICMP host unreachable responses on attempts to access blocked ports. It's like the voice saying "nobody in here but us chickens", except computers are much more likely to take such a response literally...
Is XEON cpu compatible with OSR5.0.6 or 5.0.5?  by (various authors)
- SCO 5.0.6 needs patches to work with both P3 and P4 Xeon processors. P4 requires you disable hyperthreading in the bios.
Prevent overwrite of resolv.conf with dynamic ip  by (various authors)
- How to prevent overwrite of resolv.conf with dynamic ip on various older Linux distros.
scodb crash dump analyze crash  by (various authors)
- Analyzing a crash when the sysdump created is too big for swap by use of "mem=" bootstring (SCO Unix).
Speed of recognizing mouse up event  by (various authors)
- What determines the speed with which the mouse up event is registered? Is it just a hardware issue, or is there a software parameter that can be set?
using linux and tux trademarks  by (various authors)
- Linux is trademarked, but Larry Ewing's Tux is free to use and even integrate them into other designs.
routing protocols sco unix  by (various authors)
- Routing protocols Sco Unix dynamically re-write the routing table based on instructions it receives from other
An example of using the scodb debugger (SCO Unix)  by (various authors)
- To capture a better dump next time, I suggest rigging the system up so that it breaks into scodb when _any_ of these processes die. That means you'll catch it as early as possible
using ghost to clone a sco unix scsi drive  by (various authors)
- OSR5 is overly concerned about the "geometry" of a disk. On all modern disks, the geometry the OS is so worried about is an utter hallucination -- but it must be a _shared_ hallucination.
openserver vnc  by (various authors)
- The problem turned out to be that this sco box was not using a mouse and therefore was not configured as such. Installing the mouse and deleting /etc/rc2.d/S99vncserver fixed the problem so scosession would start.
visionfs wins name resolution  by (various authors)
- There are at least 3 possible smb servers, VisionFS, FacetWin, and Samba. All behave very similarly with Windows clients.
Autologin for Linux Pick System  by (various authors)
- To make the unit turnkey (so the users get the Pick login prompt when they connect via telnet ), I've edited the /etc/xinetd.d/telnet file to read as follows:
Installing OpenServer 5.0.7 on a Dell Poweredge 2850 with dell amird raid (SCO Unix)  by (various authors)
- When I link in the BTLD for the amird driver, it doesn't load the IDE adapter for the CD-ROM. If I leave out the amird driver, the IDE controller loads fine.
Apple more popular than I thought  
- I don't see Mac as a threat to Linux; I see it as helping folks get away from Windows and possibly introducing them to Linux by way of their Macintosh use.
SPAM: Can anything realistically be done about it?  by BigDumbDinosaur
- Anyone who has used a computer for more than 15 minutes is well aware of the constantly growing volume of junk E-mail that flows around the Internet. I know several users who receive as many as 200 messages per day, almost all of which are spam (one of these users is an msn.com subscriber, which tells you a lot about how well MSN's butterfly does his job).
Samsung Digimax A402 Digital Camera 
- After years of painstaking and detailed research, I have purchased a digital camera. Yeah, right. I researched nothing. I asked a few relatives who bought digital cameras long ago, but in fact I just walked into WalMart last night, saw a reasonable camera at a reasonable price ($126.00) and bought it. I learned how to use it at a basic level in a few minutes, and am happy enough.
When all other explanations fail..  
- Creative thinkers don't react to problem solutions with 'That's impossible!'. We construct theories as to the cause of our observed problem.
xmacroplay - controlling applications with a keystroke file  
- This little interplay reinforces a feeling I've been having recently that fewer and fewer Linux users care about the command line.
Writing syslog messages to MySQL  by Rainer Gerhards
- Having syslog messages in a database is often handy, especially when you intend to set up a front-end for viewing them.
Grumpy old newsgroup folks  
- This is an old article about the demise of Usenet Groups and is only left here for historical purposes.
Backup verification  
- In one situation, the verification caused us to look at who was logged in during the backup window and ultimately led to a discovery of embezzlement.
Dude, you should have bought the HP  
- A few months back, a customer bought two Dell 3100 printers. I didn't know that she had done that, but I wasn't particularly concerned when her Windows guy called and asked me to add these printers to the Unix configuration. I sshed in, set them up as netcat printers and assumed that would be the end of that.
Cross-Platform Compatibility Testing On One Machine Without Rebooting  by Netocrat
- This article discusses how multiple operating systems (OSes) hosted under an emulator or virtual machine can be set up on a single host and used to automate cross-platform testing of code compilation or shell scripts.
Pictures on the wall  
- Our oldest daughter was sixteen then, and she painted this on one wall (plagiarized from the Radio Shack Color Computer manual cover).
Through a Window (Darkly)  
- I cannot remember just what I was thinking when I bought my first mouse. I only bought it because my partner pointed out that they were on sale and I ought to get one "just in case". In case of what? I had no idea, but I bought the silly thing and stowed it away, unopened.
VNC on SCO  by MikeHutchins
- I am trying to get VNC running on SCO I've tried everything listed here but no luck so far. I am getting a "vncserver: not found" when trying to start the server. I've checked paths and permissions and all looks ok.
My first venture into Usenet (1991)  
- Admit it: you just love Unix. You sit there in Emacs, like a spider in its web, piping your greps out to sed's and expr's, maybe tossing in an awk script now and then..
Mighty Sockets  by Manu Garg
- Sockets are indeed the window to networking and networking drives the whole world some way or other, that's why the name Mighty Sockets. In simple terms, a socket is an endpoint of communication. And a connection is represented by a socket pair. Remember, not all communication is connection oriented. So, you can have a single socket also doing most of the job for you (e.g. UDP sockets). A process deals with the socket in the same way as it deals with files. We'll see more of this similarity in coming sections.
Pro Perl Debugging 
- I almost fall in the first category. I vaguely knew that the Perl debugger exists, but I'd never even thought enough about it to fall into the second group. In other words, I didn't know enough to be scared. I also frankly had very little interest. Not because my Perl skills are so wonderful that I never screw up (and if I were that good, my typing would do me in anyway), but because I just never thought a debugger could help me. That pessimistic attitude probably comes from early use of primitive C debuggers, and caused me to delay even looking at this book. That was a mistake.
HP-UX 11i Version 2 System Administration 
- This isn't about sed and awk and grep. It's not a Unix book. It's specifically about the installation, configuration and administration of HP-UX. If you have been blessed with one of these and are unfamiliar with Unix, you'll need some other more general books to go along with this one.
1991 Review of Coherent  
- Before Linux (just before Linux), there were other attempts to bring a Unix-like OS to the masses. I came across this review that I wrote in 1991.
1991 Review of Speed Reader  
- The faster I can read, the more I can cram into the same amount of time. If I scanned that megabyte of data at 250 wpm (words per minute), it would take over eight hours to get through it. Fortunately, I can read quite a bit faster than that, and a lot of it can be skimmed through very quickly, so my actual time is usually less than two hours - but I still haven't read all that I would like to.
- started my business as a one man shop in 1983. By 1987, I had five employees. It just about killed me, financially and emotionally. I am simply NOT a good manager of other people, and I'm far too optimistic about other people's work ethics. I did eventually fire everyone and was back to just me by 1989, but the damage had been done and it was hard, hard times from then on. I was in debt, very discouraged, felt like a complete failure, and found it very hard to keep putting one foot in front of the other.
Web Validation  
- Arrgh. Sometimes keeping up with HTML validation drives me crazy. Again I've managed to mung a whole bunch of pages so that they will not validate
SCO and OpenServer 6  
- At http://www.darlmcbride.com, SCO's CEO explains why he thinks OpenServer 6 is better than Linux. He makes some valid points, but misses the big picture.
Technorati, tagging and all that  
- I had heard of Technorati, and had a vague idea that it had something to do with Blogs, but that was a pretty complete dump of my storage on that subject.
Link farms, blog and ping sites  
- You've seen them: you do a search for something, click on the link, and you hit a link farm page which has no content at all, just links to other sites.
del.icio.us more tagging and all that  
- Like Technorati, del.icio.us is a social bookmarking site. In fact, Technorati picks up some of its tagging information from del.icio.us, but del.icio.us doesn't provide any interface for web sites themselves to provide tag info for specific pages other than a confusing API that seems more designed for reading than informing. They provide a way to claim a website, but it is much more complicated and difficult than Technorati's simple and rather foolproof scheme.
Control your domain registration data  
- Your domain registration is critically important. It's easy to get lazy about this stuff. Often your ISP or whoever set up your web site said they'd "take care of it" and that was it. It's been working fine for years, and you don't have to worry about it.
Please HELP!! Help someone understand: SQL db's  by bruceg
- I need to help someone understand that MS Access is not the worlds best database
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S60 Digital Camera  
- A few weeks back, I bought my first decent digital camera. Two weeks later, the lcd display stopped working. Pure white, nothing there. It still took pictures, but random aiming is just a little less than I need. So I returned it, and bought something better.
decrement filenames in unix  by anonymous
- I need a help regrading renaming the file names with the follwoing scenario: I have thousand of files with following name:
A Dead Mailserver  
- It was just the network card on the WAN side that was dead. A quick, simple fix: replace the card and we'd be done. Except..
Print copies problem  by anonymous
- multiple copies with lpr: When attempt to remote print several copies of a document with the command 'lp -n2 -d printer file', leaves printed one copies.
My 10 year predictions  
- I think the dominant OS will be some descendant of Mac OS X. Microsoft will be an application and hardware vendor by then. If I'm right about that, the Microsoft stock I buy monthly now could be worth a lot less, but if I'm wrong I'll probably do all right from investing in the Dark Side. Either way has it good and bad points.
Automating jpeg conversions  
- When you are trying to use a flat blade screwdriver to extract a Philips screw, don't ask where you can get the right size flat blade to fit in the Philips slot.
file replication over WAN  by anonymous
- I am curious if anybody had any lack with real-time asynchronous file replication for SCO OpenServer over WAN? There are a lot of Windows programs that do that very nicely (Double Take, for example), but nothing that I could find for SCO. One way would be to set up Samba and use a Windows machine as an intermediary, but there must be a more economical solution.
Relicensing fees  
- I've been trying to do an upgrade for a Munis customer running SCO 5.0.5 on a Compaq Proliant. It's been a bit of a mess for various reasons. Actually, the whole thing is downright silly because the customer plans to move to the Linux version next year, so there is absolutely no reason to do this upgrade: they are behind a firewall and need to authenticate before being allwed to telnet to this box from outside, there are no other ports open to the world, so the upgrade gives them absolutely nothing that they need. However, when the upgrade was first purchased, the thought was that they would be continuuing with SCO but getting new hardware next year, and for that, they'd obviously need to upgrade the SCO so that they could use the more modern server.
VNC on Sco Open Server  by Ted Summers
- To setup VNC server for SCO5 Get gzcat, zlib, and TightVNC server for SCO 5
mini_fo (fanout overlay)  
- What a clever hack. The mini_fo filesystem allows writing to read-only file systems. Well, not really, of course. Conceptually, it's like using a transparent overlay to draw something on a slide projector. You aren't really writing to the read-only file system, but that's the apparent affect for anyone reading it.
Using acl's (access control lists)  
- Many Unixes have file systems that implement a permissions model that goes beyond traditional Unix permissions. These have been called acl's (access control lists). Details may vary, but we'll use Linux commands here to demonstrate the usage of acl's
Using php-syslog-ng with rsyslog  by Rainer Gerhards
- How to use php-syslog-ng with rsyslogd. With rsyslogd's high customizability, it is easy to write to a syslog-ng like schema.
renaming files  
- The Linux "rename" isn't going to handle to more complex cases though. For example, I had to transfer mail files from one system to another recently. On the old system, each message would be named something like "1124993500.7359464636.e-smith".
What is a Managed Switch?  
- A managed switch allows you to control the individual ports of your switch