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August 2001

- We all know that patent laws protect inventors by giving them the exclusive rights for some period of time to whatever they invented. Generally, this is seen as a good thing. Few of us are against rewarding innovation, and even though we realize that the vast majority of patents are filed and held by large corporations, we still like to think of the little guy who comes up with a good idea, patents it, and lives happily ever after.
Real World Printer script  by Bruce Baumann
- RealWorld Printing Script by Bruce Baumann Bruce Baumann offers this script as an example of controlling
Real World U/SQL TCL script  by Bruce Baumann
- RealWorld U/SQL Script by Bruce Baumann I have an TCL Package to access the U/SQL command line interface Once again there is no help file (yet) but anyone who can read a look under the ... If you want to get a TCL list answer, replace the select