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April 2015

Inherited Memories   by Anthony Lawrence
- I was taught that memories aren't passed in DNA. Perhaps, but aren't instincts memory? Where does one draw the line and say a behavior is instinct?
The Easy Button is real   by Anthony Lawrence
- Amazon just made the Easy Button real with its Dash buttons. I can't imagine who would use these.
Three Million Minutes Later   by Anthony Lawrence
- Six years ago I published a listing of the all time top 25 pages here. I thought I'd update that and see what has changed.
Photos for Mac: A Take Control Crash Course   by Anthony Lawrence
- This 30-page ebook helps you decide whether to transition to Photos right away, walks you through importing your iPhoto and Aperture photo libraries, and helps you understand the Photos interface and organize your images.
Take Control of Apple Mail, Second Edition   by Anthony Lawrence
- As is usual with these Take Control books, the author points out the bugs and missing features and often has suggestions for workarounds. It won't bore you with basic tasks that you either know how to do already or can figure out easily; this covers the problems and less than obvious things.
Webmaster Tools vs. SEO Consulting   by Anthony Lawrence
- Should you spend money on SEO consulting or can you just use Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics?
Hiding Adsense on narrow screens   by Anthony Lawrence
- You are allowed to use CSS display:none with Google's new responsive ads. Here's how you do it with CSS..
Mobile Friendly on April 21st   by Anthony Lawrence
- Google has warned that your website had better be mobile friendly on April 21st or you may lose ranking (though probably only in mobile searches). Even if most of your traffic isn't mobile now, that traffic likely is growing, so these are changes you should be thinking about.`
The evil spirit who pushes my wife's car   by Anthony Lawrence
- I contend that this magical effect could only be caused by her deliberately turning to the right instead of backing up straight. She disagrees.
Wemo Switch and IFTTT   by Anthony Lawrence
- Wemo should understand where I am, but apparently it thinks I'm somewhere else entirely as the light was on when I woke up at 4:00 AM this morning. A small thought in that regard: if they can screw up getting the proper sunset time for my zip code, how much can we trust their security?
Are A/V vendors really this clueless?   by Anthony Lawrence
- This botnet infected an additional 128,000 new computers each month over the past half year and the A/V folks couldn't stop it?
Microsoft invents an efficient commmand line interface   by Anthony Lawrence
- Microsoft decides not to use Linux and invents an efficient commmand line interface for security and speed.
Take Control of Numbers   by Anthony Lawrence
- Apple's Numbers spreadsheet has more power than you may realize. This is no toy; learn it inside and out with this Take Control eBook
Microsoft's Free Software Problem   by Anthony Lawrence
- Microsoft's Free Software Problem - is there anyway out of this mess for Microsoft without plunging profits?
Someone is click bombing me   by Anthony Lawrence
- If someone is trying to damage you, here's how to track them down and stop them
Spotting Click Bombing with Google Analytics   by Anthony Lawrence
- Here are two simple Analytics report that could help you spot click bombing and identify the source
Mac OS X 'rootpipe' is not a backdoor   by Anthony Lawrence
- An exploit that requires a local login is not a back door. It's not even an open safe. Most of us have nothing to fear.
How do I (just about anything)?   by Anthony Lawrence
- Go ahead - ask me anything. I'll answer it as best I can and publish it here.
How do I fix popups on Windows 7?   by Anthony Lawrence
- Go ahead - ask me anything. I'll answer it as best I can and publish it here.
I let Ezoic mess this site up and they made it better   by Anthony Lawrence
- Although I am very averse to not controlling things here, I'm going to let Ezoic drive for a bit
How do I fix iTunes access?   by Anthony Lawrence
- I have an account with iTunes on a PC as well as on my iPhone and iPad . iTunes has shut me off on the PC but not the on the Apple products.
Ezoic Day 2   by Anthony Lawrence
- There were far fewer issues than I expected, but I did have to work around a few things
Take Control of the Mac Command Line with Terminal   by Anthony Lawrence
- Old-timers like me couldn't avoid being exposed to command line interfaces - that's all we had when we started using computers. Actually, that's even wrong: when I started with computers, your input choices were front panel switches, punched cards or punched tape - command line interfaces were a big step up!
Words can kill   by Anthony Lawrence
- Being overly worried about objectionable words causes me some extra editing. Words can kill, it seems - can kill Adsense ads, that is..
How do I look up an MX record with nslookup?   by Anthony Lawrence
- I'm trying to figure out why this app is sending email to the wrong server. How do I look up MX records with nslookup?
Is there a future for Android Watches?   by Anthony Lawrence
- Google is playing catchup with the IOS iWatch; can they ever take the lead?
How can I see what pages are being accessed at my website?   by Anthony Lawrence
- I'd like to watch my logs as new visitors come. How can I see what pages are being accessed in real time?
How can I monitor bandwidth so we don't accidentally exceed our hotspot data?   by Anthony Lawrence
- I'd like to keep an eye on my bandwidth usage while on vacation to avoid overcharges.