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April 2010

The Art of Assembly Language - 2d Edition   by Anthony Lawrence
- This is why I never get anything done. I had my whole week carefully laid out in front of me and then No Starch Press sent me a review copy of Randall Hyde's Art of Assembly Language (2d Edition).
Why would I even want a computer?   by Anthony Lawrence
- This is a preliminary outline for a very basic presentation to seniors. Some of you may want to use this yourselves and of course I appreciate any suggestions or additions.
Paradigm ImagePRO Ci40m HD TCP/IP setup   by Anthony Lawrence
- I was a bit puzzled that a long time customer called me to come set up a scanner. My first thought was that this must be another one of those scanner/copier things and a complicated front panel had defeated him, so I offered to try to help him through it on the phone.
The iPhone Developers Cookbook   by Anthony Lawrence
- This title was mentioned frequently when I was looking for good books to get me started with iPhone/iPad programming. There were a few negative comments - one particular jibe from a college professor was especially cutting. He's probably one who gets all snitty if a students indentation style doesn't match his own, so I ignored that.
Beginning iPhone 3 Development   by Anthony Lawrence
- I've mentioned before the frustrations inherent in learning iPhone programming - there is a steep learning curve against a moving target and there is too much out of date information on the web and in books. This book won't answer all your questions and will still leave you confused at some points, but it does jump right in to teach you how to do many of the basic things any prospective programmer would wonder about when first exposed to this SDK environment.
Xcode 3 Unleashed   by Anthony Lawrence
- Yeah, well that worked - sort of. You can just wander in and use Xcode without really knowing all that much about it. However, you'll probably miss things that can really add to your productivity.
iPads being delivered today   by Anthony Lawrence
- The news broke Thursday, the day before scheduled delivery. Thousands upon thousands of geeks with open orders called in sick on Friday morning and began writing scripts to repetitively fetch their Fedex tracking page. Spouses were awakened with excited cries of "It's left Newark - wake up, wake up, it has left Newark!" and later with the hushed and reverential "It's out for delivery. Listen to me: it's OUT FOR DELIVERY. Right now. Really."
iPad Application Development For Dummies   by Anthony Lawrence
- Of all the Xcode/iPhone/iPad books I've looked at so far, this is probably the best for a neophyte like me. I say that especially because of the two chapters devoted to explaining how an app all fits together - what does what, when and how. That explanation has been missing from every other book I've read - hinted at, but never spelled out step by step. That's very important for someone like me just coming into this world.