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April 2008

Install Unixware and preserve filesystems?   by Brian Mutero
- Forum: Is there anyway that I can install a fresh copy of Unixware whilst preserving the /home and /home2 filesystems?
Sco OpenServer 6 Console Terminal Emulation   by Mwango Mutale
- We migrated from Sco OpenServer 5.0 and Informix 7.20 to Sco Open Server 6.0 and Informix 7.32. When we compile programs with Window declaration, it can not execute but terminates the application.
Mac OS X Support Essentials   by Anthony Lawrence
- I found this disappointing. It may meet its intended goal of preparing someone for the Apple Certified Support Professional Exam, but it is just a lightweight and superficial romp at best. I can't imagine anyone walking away from reading this feeling that they have really gained anything useful.
Linux in the long run   by Anthony Lawrence
- Regular readers here know I'm a big Mac fan, and I often wax so enthusiastically on that subject that you could easily miss that I'm also a big Linux fan. On alternate Tuesdays, I expect that someday Linux will dominate computing.. but then again I think maybe not..
Like watching grass grow   by Anthony Lawrence
- I had a conversation yesterday with someone who does a small tech blog (I offered to put a link in this article, but he prefers to remain anonymous). His problem: slow growth. Not "no growth" - people are discovering his blog and apparently at least a few must like it, because both his overall visitors and RSS readers are growing.. but only by a handful per month.
Succession Matters for Linux (and everyone else)   by Anthony Lawrence
- At 'Linux in the long run' I expressed the opinion that Linux in general could suffer when Linus Torvalds steps aside or dies. That opinion is generally unpopular with the Linux community, but I think it's defensible.
Linux Fanboy? Mac Fanboy?  by Anthony Lawrence
- Some of the folks who commented at "Linux in the long run" seemed to miss that I am a Linux fan. In fairness, those folks probably aren't regular readers of this site, so in reading through the short post at typical web scan speeds, they only saw the negative things I said and missed all the positive. That's normal on the web today.
You want a GPS   by Anthony Lawrence
- This is more of a confession than a review, but it may help out someone else as confused and unaware as I was. I should have bought a GPS some time ago, and only did so because we are planning a cross country trip. I had no idea how useful this would be for local travel and really wish someone had told me to buy one..
SEO Marketing could stand some improvement   by Anthony Lawrence
- I bet you've had more than a few SEO solicitations in your email. You probably do what I do: mark 'em as Spam or just delete them. They all pretty much follow the same formula: "Your web site could do much better in the search engines if.."
Cables and switches basics   by Anthony Lawrence
- Most networks use RJ45 connectors plugged in hubs or switches - usually switches today. The first thing to understand is that everything you want working has to somehow be connected to everything else. I'm going to mostly ignore wireless here (we''ll do that next time) and concentrate on physical wiring, so it should seem reasonable that everything needs to connect, right?
Forget 500,000 songs - I'll use it for backup   by Anthony Lawrence
- It's been all over the blogosphere and even on the nightly news: "500,000 songs on your iPod!". Of course it's nonsense: the technology refererred to is still years away, and as it is likely to appear in expensive forms long before Apple could adopt it for mass consumer use, the first products will probably be Enterprise storage devices and not iPods.
SCO Compiling error   by NickV
- On an hp Netserver Lc3 server (SCO 5.0.5) I'm trying to reconfigure the backup device using "mkdev tape" but at the end of the wizard I'm returned the following "recompiling kernel error"
Vista Home Premium - Installation   by Anthony Lawrence
- I was given a review copy of Vista Home Premium.. I would have liked Vista Ultimate, but this is what they sent me - oh well. I deliberately installed it on weak hardware - an older 386 with 512MB of RAM.. weak, yes, but meeting their listed minimum requirements and also a system that happily and quickly installed the latest Ubuntu.
FTP Problem   by Josh
- Hello - I'm having a problem with a server running SCO OpenServer 5.0.7 and ftp. ftp connections used to work fine, but now I can connect to the server via ftp, I can issue type, pwd, and cd commands successfully and receive the response-- but when I issue ls, dir, get, or put commands, I get the message: "425 Can't build data connection: Invalid argument."
Vista Home Premium   by Anthony Lawrence
- At Vista Home Premium - Installation I explained how I installed Vista on a very low end machine and was somewhat surprised to find that it performed at all. However, I did not get too far as Vista didn't like my NIC.
A thousand meanings never meant   by Anthony Lawrence
- And in the margins gravely notes
No plans for a Mac or Linux version   by Anthony Lawrence
- Folks don't usually go out of their way to tell you what their product WON'T run on, do they? I suspect some hard feelings here, maybe somone who has been mishandled by a few Linux or Mac Fanboys?
Bash Brace Expansion   by Anthony Lawrence
- The new tricks Bash has picked up in 3.0 are exciting and useful, but simple brace expansion has been available for some time now, and yet we seldom see it used. I suppose that's because the need doesn't come up too often.
Why *I* like Linux and Unix (and Mac OS X too!)   by Anthony Lawrence
- There's plenty of stuff out there that tells you why you should embrace Linux and make it your own. That's not what this is: if you want to run Windows, go ahead.
But I need windows!   by Anthony Lawrence
- My wife had a small epiphany a minute ago. I was having her reboot her stupid XP machine yet again when she suddenly had a very puzzled look on her face:

"Wait a minute - you aren't running Windows.. how can you have different windows on your screen?"
Internet Anonymity Laws - bad, bad idea   by Anthony Lawrence
- I'm against this on technical, philosophical and realistic grounds. I won't support any efforts toward legislation aimed at Internet anonymity and in fact will actively oppose such.
What's your game?   by Anthony Lawrence
- As I haven't known what I do since I started this gig in 1983, I don't think I really need to have answers, but I'll do my best.
Google adds benchmark comparisons   by Anthony Lawrence
- Google has recently added benchmark comparisons to Analytics. This could be extremely useful and interesting, but unfortunately is not.. well, perhaps it's just too early; this may get better as more people join.
Do you really want a popular blog?   by Anthony Lawrence
- OK, raise your hands: how many of you bloggers out there want a popular blog? Ayup, I know: you beg for Diggs, Sphinns, ask your friends to Stumble your post.. you'd love to be able to brag that you had to move to another host because the traffic was just getting overwhelming..
A web page is more than a pretty face   by Anthony Lawrence
- Too many so called "web designers" really are not: they are artistic types who have learned to use something like FrontPage but really don't know much about mechanics and SEO/SEM (Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing). Really designing a true business website today is a lot more than a pretty face and a few keywords stuffed into meta tags.
Your Mileage May Vary when installing and using Linux   by Anthony Lawrence
- I was reading the long string of comments at Linux in the long run and noticed a few folks mentioning Linux installation problems. I can sympathize, though I do have to say that most of my Linux installs have been smooth and uneventful.
Degragmentation wars   by Anthony Lawrence
- The subject of disk fragmentation will almost always draw heated arguments but seldom gets treated in its entirety. I'm going to try to do that here, but will probably miss a point or two: this is an extraordinarily complex subject and honestly there aren't any easy answers.
More on PTR Records   by Anthony Lawrence
- Quite some time ago I wrote up Basic DNS: PTR records and why you care. I realized today that it is far too geeky: I sent someone experiencing a PTR issue to read that and he came back still thinking that either his Mac or Verizon were to blame.