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April 2007

Fortinet Routers   by Anthony Lawrence
- For those of you who don't know, Fortinet makes a line of firewall routers that optionally include subscription services for antivirus, spam, intrusion protection and more. Those services complement existing antivirus and spam filtering - I still recommend both email server scanning and scanning at the individual PC for best protection. Forttinet is the leading UTM (unified threat management) vendor in the industry and also the fastest growing security company worldwide.
Fortinet Firewall Virtual IP's   by Anthony Lawrence
- Using Fortinet firewall virtual ip's to forward services to intrnal machines.
Fortinet Firewall Transparent Mode   by Anthony Lawrence
- The Fortinet 50A is a firewall router designed for 10 users or less (this is an older model, now replaced by the 50B). Out of the box, it is configured as a NAT DHCP device at I simply plugged my Mac Powerbook into the Fortinet's "internal" port, refreshed my TCP/IP, and was able to use a browser to connect to the firewwall.