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April 2006

Can technology save us?   by Anthony Lawrence
- We should have run out of food already. Advances in agriculture and plant genetics saved us (though at the cost of using much more water).
Tiered Internet   by Anthony Lawrence
- Charging more for internet access causes some people to freak out. That's not necessarily the right reaction.
SCO broadcast messages  by anonymous
- People get confused so easily. A message from a UPS is not a message from the operating system.
Microsoft, Linux and Patents   by Anthony Lawrence
- Microsoft patents against Linux: Unfortunately, Microsoft likely does have patents it could use against Linux. IBM can probably be replied upon to fight back on the side of Linux with its own patents - supposedly they've called Microsoft patent bluffs in the past just by pointing out that they also have stacks of patents and idle lawyers ready to look for violations by Windows code. However, Microsoft might now be willing to risk the battle.
How DRM prepared the way for Xen/Vmware   by Drag Sidious
- For those that don't know Palladium was a effort on Microsoft to implement 'Trusted Computing' features. It was originally slated to be included in Vista/Longhorn operating systems, but it has been dropped (or at least trimmed down heavily) in later beta releases. http://www.pcworld.com/news/article/0,aid,103440,00.asp (MS drops code name) http://www.pcworld.com/news/article/0,aid,108994,00.asp
More Virtualization News   by Anthony Lawrence
- Windows sets Virtual Server 2005 free: Microsoft just freed up Virtual Server 2005 R2. That download used to be a 180 day trial; apparently Microsoft feels the need to respond to VMware's free server with this.
Fallure to resolve   by Anthony Lawrence
- A common distress call I get is something like 'Help! Our Internet is down!': Sometimes it really is. There's not much I can do if a router in Connecticut went up in flames or a backhoe in Cambridge just cut through a major data line. If it is a dead or malfunctioning router the problem will probably correct itself very quickly, but a cable break can sometimes cause fairly long outages.
Who said that?   by Anthony Lawrence
- This comes up fairly frequently. It also happens sometimes with remote TCP printers: if you haven't given them a gateway address, they can't communicate back to you. Packets need routes.
Old Technology   by Anthony Lawrence
- It's tax time again. The time when we once again vow that this year, we'll keep track of tax related items as they come up so that we don't once again end up sorting piles of receipts from a paper bag.
Cost of Performance   by Dominique A. Heger
- Predicting and controlling performance costs may seem overwhelming to many organizations.
Password Security   by Anthony Lawrence
- How long to crack that password? Probably less time than you think, especially when it is a common word.
Bash auto_resume   by Anthony Lawrence
- auto_resume for job control: If you type "auto_resume=1", you can just type "vi" to resume the last background vi task.
Slow down,simplify   by Anthony Lawrence
- Is clever code part of the security problem? Do we really need everything to be as fast as it possibly can be?
Race conditions   by Anthony Lawrence
- A "race condition" is a circumstance where you have two things that really need to happen sequentially, but don't. Usually if there is an error (the programmer didn't provide any method of enforcing the sequence), it's because the programmer didn't notice the problem under "ordinary" circumstances. It then becomes a "bug", where something unexpected happens sometimes but not always. It comes up a lot in system level programming, but also well above that.
Unix to Linux Porting   by Anthony Lawrence
- Porting to Linux from Solaris, HP/UX and AIX: The major issues with porting to Linux from other Unixes include compiler and library differences, differences in system calls, and entirely missing system calls. There's also the issue of code that never was right to start with, but that's outside of the scope of this book.
User Mode Linux   by Anthony Lawrence
- I thought I had a pretty good idea what UML (User Mode Linux) is before I picked up this book. Turns out that while I wasn't completely off base, I barely had a clue.`
Crippled Firewalls   by Anthony Lawrence
- Microsoft thinks users are too dumb to understand outbound firewalls. Maybe it's the programmers who ae too dumb.
Intel's vPro   by Anthony Lawrence
- Built-in CPU virtualization from Intel - what does this mean for virtualization vendors.
GDI Printers   by Anthony Lawrence
- I probably hear that question at least a dozen times a year. Somebody wants to send Unix/Linux print jobs through Samba to a shared Windows printer and it's not working. Why not?
Tar wild card interpretation   by Anthony Lawrence
- Wildcards in GNU tar: We know have a tar file (test.tar) containing the problem file. Let's try restoring it as she did:
Parallels Workstation   by Anthony Lawrence
- Run Windows and Linux on Intel Macs with Parallels Workstation for Mac OS X. Installation and activation was simple - typical Mac package install.
Cluster and Grid Computing   by Fortuitous Technologies
- Grid computing has become extremely popular in IT circles mainly because of the potential computing power and cost savings. But grid computing is a multifaceted technology that means different things to different people. Some interpret grids to be a heterogeneous group of desktops and servers, which other see it as a group of cluster computers connected together over the internet.
VoIP Basics   by Ruchi Gupta
- Have we ever realized how much will be benefited by VoIP technology? Personally I am very thankful to VoIP, as I am (staying in US) far from my parents and in-laws, but I can talk to them in India for about half an hour or more (depends on them and me), without costing so much. Simply we need computer, sound card, speakers and microphone.
Preventing Discrimination   by Claudia Garcez
- America is a nation of immigrants. The cultural diversity of America is what makes this country so unique. Recognized worldwide as being the land of opportunities, the United States continues to attract many people from all over the globe. Immigrants come to the United States searching for the American dream. People believe that America is the place that allows them freedom and opportunity for all. In order to prevent discrimination against legal immigrants, the government of the United States created some specific laws. The purpose of this paper is to define laws protecting against national origin discrimination, explain actual court cases, and educate Human Resources managers on how to avoid national origin discrimination.
Linux 2.6   by Dominique Heger & Philip Carinhas
- Over the last several years, the Linux operating system has gained acceptance as the operating system of choice in many scientific and commercial environments, respectively. Today, the performance aspects of the Linux operating system has improved significantly, as compared to traditional UNIX flavors.
Job Satisfaction   by Claudia Garcez
- What are the challenges facing a transformed organization? What should companies do to attract and retain "the right people"? The answer might just be giving people what they want. As many studies have shown, satisfied employees tend to be much more productive, creative and committed to their employers. After all, high levels of absenteeism and an increased turnover can profoundly affect a company's bottom line. Jensen (2000) defines job satisfaction as: "a sense of personal growth most often measured by the extent of new challenges and learning situations experienced" (p. 1). Amazingly, only a few organizations have made job satisfaction a top priority in their overall strategy. Perhaps they fail to understand the significant link between job satisfaction and productivity. Transformed organizations must create a positive workplace for their workforce to increase satisfaction on the job (Syptak, Marshland and Ulmer, 1999). This paper describes the challenges that a transformed organization faces in order to keep their people satisfied as well as discusses methods an organizational psychologist would suggest to increase employee satisfaction. Further, it outlines different ways our learning team motivates itself to be more productive. Finally, this paper will focus on things that keep employees satisfied in the workplace.
Can't connect to Internet   by Anthony Lawrence
- The same DNS advice applies as in the above article: check web access with a numeric IP address. If that works, you just lack proper DNS. With Windows XP, a user with access to networking properties can easily override default settings from DHCP while retaining their correct machine ip address, so it is worth checking.
mount --bind   by Anthony Lawrence
- Using Linux 'mount --bind' instead of symbolic links. If the thing you want to link to is a mounted file system, you can use the "--bind" option of mount to create an unbreakable link.