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April 2003

Viruses, getting off Windows 
- Your main defense (assuming you are a Windows user) is to keep up with Microsoft Updates. Unfortunately, that can cause its own share of difficulty. I did this recently at a small office: four of the five machines took Windows Updates successfully, but the fifth would not reboot. It took about an hour of work to get that machine back up and running. Regardless of that risk, these updates need to be done, and you need to check back for new updates very regularly.
Vacation mail faster thgan at home? 
- How could dial-up mail be faster than cable access? That makes no sense..1
Novell and Linux 
- If you ever looked into Novell system calls, that OS was very "unixy" - these guys know their way around Unix, so this move to Linux not only makes sense, but they bring real value to the table.
Jumping through hoops 
- I'm not going to be put through hoops to tell someone that their problem is that they put people through hoops.1
Unix haters 
- I once asked an older coworker and Solaris guru what happened with
Held Hostage by Microsoft? 
- Is it possible to escape Microsoft's grip on your wallet? Yesm though perhaps not entirely.
Start Here- Networking 
- Where to find articles here related to newtworking and TCP/IP, how to configure a network card on SCO Unix.
Mac OS X Hacks 
- The first thing I liked about this is something we are starting to see more frequently: some use of color in the text. Photos and screen shots are still black and white (still too expensive to do that much yet), but section headings are nicely set off in purple. Such a small thing, and probably something that will become very common soon, but it enhanced my reading experience.
Device::SerialPort on Redhat 8  by Bruce Garlock
- Since each building has a T1 router, I wrote a small program to log the routers messages to a text file. While performing these upgrades, I ran into some small trouble with my code, which relies on the perl module: "Device::SerialPort".
accessing files with inode numbers after 64K  by SCO_OSR5
- Old RealWorld software has problems with inode numbers exceeding 64K. Installing RW earlier fixed it..