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Certified Master Unix Administrator

  • 04/21/1999 ID 715371891
  • 06/08/2000 ID 13757

Microsoft MCSE ID 376496

  • Exam 042 NT Workstation
  • Exam 043 NT Server
  • Exam 058 Networking Essentials
  • Exam 063 Windows 95
  • Exam 075 Exchange Server
  • Exam 077 Internet Information Server

Sun Solaris System Administrator

  • SA-345 Volume Manager
  • SA-340 SunNet Manager
  • SA-380 Network Administration
  • SA-285 System Administration
  • SP-280 Concepts and Tuning
  • ST-350 System Fault Analysis

What does all this mean?

I sure don't know. It seems to make some people more comfortable if they are hiring a "certified" person. It shouldn't: the tests are pretty meaningless, and I have seen plenty of Certified Folk who I wouldn't trust anywhere near my systems, and conversely I know people who have flunked these exams but who I would not hesitate a moment to employ.

Since it makes some people happy, I guess I'll keep on going and add more "certifications". As other people are more impressed by real ability, I'll try to maintain that, also.

See No Wizards here too.

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