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Before you write to me for help

SCO/Linux/Mac OS X support by phone, email or on-site: Support Rates

Before you call or write to me for help, please read this:

I'm sorry, but I can't spend time answering questions for non-customers.

I don't mean to be unfriendly or rude, but I get an awful lot of callsi and email asking questions and each one takes a few minutes to answer and it adds up. Therefore, I don't do it. I will answer specific questions by email or phone for reasonable rates.

If you are a Kerio user, you can get 100% free support simply by renewing your subscription.

I used to answer email (and even a few phone calls) without charge. I'm very sorry, but I just cannot do that any more. What started out as a few minutes per week has grown to too much time and effort. Farther down on this page are suggestions of ways you can get free help, but first I'll tell you about some help for fee options:

Fee based support

I offer paid support at very reasonable rates. See Support rates.

Free help suggestions

You will waste your money if you haven't at least tried searching this site. There's a lot of free information here that's easy to find. And please READ the instructions on the search page. You'll save time and trouble for both of us.

Please don't make people fish for information. If you post to a newsgroup or our forum, include your Operating System, and complete version. Saying that you have "Solaris", "SCO 5" or "RH Linux" isn't going to help you get quick answers.

Include version numbers and patches you have applied. If it is at all relevant, include at least rough harware info- like "32 mb ram, Scsi hard drive, Pentium 266", for example. Don't ever paraphrase error messages- post the EXACT error messages (see Messages). It's never a bad idea to describe:

  • What your OS and version is:
    - -SCO 5.0.6
    - -Redhat Linux 7.1
  • Hardware info if applicable to your question
    - -IDE CDROM
    - -SCSI CDRW
  • What you were trying to accomplish
    - -Want to add default route
    - -Want to change user's password
  • What you did
    - -Logged in as root, typed "mkdev lp"
    - -Ran "route add.."
  • What you expected to happen
    - -I expected the route to be there when I rebooted
    - -I expected the printer to work from Netscape
  • What actually happened
    - -There's no route after reboot
    - -Only root can print

I do strongly suggest that you post your questions to the newsgroup(s). If you don't have access to newsgroups through your ISP, use Dejanews. For general SCO questions, comp.unix.sco.misc is your best choice. For Linux, comp.os.linux.misc is a good start. Most OSes do have specific newsgroups. If it is specifically about SCO programming (problems with compilers or library calls, etc), then use comp.unix.sco.programmer. For linux programming, it depends on what you are doing- there are several groups to choose from. There are also general programming groups - Usenet News is a tremendous resource.

If you feel it's necessary to post to more than one group (and it seldom is), please cross-post so that people don't have to read it again and again.

While it is true that you may not get an instant reply there and sometimes may not get any reply at all, there is a benefit from having multiple people see your question, and if you get more than one answer, the differing perspectives can sometimes be very helpful.

The Sitemap page can also be useful.

Another good idea is to use the power search page at Dejanews:


Put "comp.os.linux.misc" (or whatever group is appropriate) into the "Forum" box, and then search for what you need. This can be very useful.

Got something to add? Send me email.

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Mon Mar 27 09:02:28 2006: 625   Balhec

Hi!!!! when installing UW714 it sends the error to me

An error occurred while building the UnixWare kernel.

That i can do?

Tue Jun 7 17:33:04 2005: 627   TonyLawrence

Didn't read any of what's above, did you?

There's no answer for your question because you didn't give enough information to even guess.

Tue Jun 7 18:08:16 2005: 630   Balhec

he equipment in which to install is DELL 2800 whit PERC 4di, and te error mesages is "An error occurred while building the UnixWare kernel.
For details, see /mnt/tmp/kernel.build.
The installation has been aborted. To recover from this error
You must restar the installation."

Tue Jun 7 23:37:11 2005: 631   TonyLawrence

And did you go to an alt screen and look at the referenced file??

Thu Jun 9 17:35:44 2005: 638   Balhec

the computer has

2 H.D. array 1 36 GB
1024 ram
tape DLT VS 160
SCSI Perk 4Di
Intel Xeon 2.8

it lets to me form everything, is when the installation begins when it fails
the error is "An error occurred while building the UnixWare kernel"

Mon Mar 27 07:58:39 2006: 1825   anonymous

I have the same problem with the Dell 2800 when I am instaliing the Unixware 7.1.4. Could you help me, please?

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