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2005/08/09 Pictures on the wall

© August 2005 Tony Lawrence

I moved into my current office in 1983. It's in our basement, which fortunately has always been dry, so we put up a large desk, painted the walls and the floor, moved in file cabinets and bookshelves, and that was that.

Except for the kids contribution, that is. Our oldest daughter was sixteen then, and she painted this on one wall (plagiarized from the Radio Shack Color Computer manual cover):

picture of painting on wall

Our youngest, then just nine, then added her own artistic expression:

picture of painting on wall

You may not recognize that if you are too young to have seen eight inch floppy disks.

And that's what the office has looked like all these years. Computers have come and gone, so has furniture, but those wall paintings have greeted me every time I entered my office for the last twenty-two years.

Unfortunately, it's time to move on. We're planning on selling this place next spring, so the old office needs a bit of touch up. We carpeted the floor, and have repainted the walls. I couldn't bring myself to do that personally; we had to hire someone else to paint over those pictures.

I was tempted to frame them off and paint around them.. who knows, the new owners, whoever they may be, might have liked this whimsical touch. But my wife thought it would be better just to be clean and empty; I'm sure she is right.

I've put the photos here so that my wife and I can always see these whenever we want.

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Tue Aug 9 13:54:48 2005: 948   BigDumbDinosaur

You may not recognize that if you are too young to have seen eight inch floppy disks.

That sure doesn't describe me. <Sigh> I remember when the 5-1/4 inch versions came out and we suddenly had all these obsolete 8 inchers. We used one or two of them as fly swatters. More than one way to get rid of a bug. BTW, I still have one 5-14/ floppy drive in my inventory. Not sure what to do with it at this point. Maybe I'll hang it on the wall next to an 8088 motherboard.


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