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2005/05/31 SSH_CLIENT, SSH_CONNECTION (OpenSSH Variables)

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OpenSSH sets several environment variables which can be useful. It's easy enough to see them: just type "set | grep SSH" at a command prompt./p>

If you connected by SSH, these should include SSH_ASKPASS, SSH_CLIENT, SSH_CONNECTION and SSH_TTY, which can give helpful information to scripts.

For example, if we wanted to log all ssh connections not coming from our local network, we might do something like this:

# called from login scripts such as /etc/profile
if [ "${SSH_CLIENT%.*}" != "10.3.38" ]
 logger -t warn -p info.warn "$SSH_CLIENT connnection"

See Loglevel if you don't know what "logger" does. The "${SSH_CLIENT%.*}" extracts the subnet from the $SSH_CLIENT variable by stripping everything from the last period to the end.

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-> 2005/05/31 SSH_CLIENT, SSH_CONNECTION (OpenSSH Variables)

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