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smbclient (Samba)

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This is a Samba tool that's useful for testing Samba, doing backups to or from Windows shares, and similar tasks. For testing, the most common use is to list shares on a Windows machine or some other Samba server. Just do:

smbclient -L netbiosname

If you need to provide a user name, add "-U user". You can also supply a password either by adding it with "-U user%passwd" or by setting and exporting PASSWD, or by pointing it credentials file; see the man page.

For backups of PC shares, there's a "smbtar" shell script. It's just a wrapper for smbclient; read it to see how it works.

There's also an ftp-like interface. For example, here's a simple script that ftp's several directories using smbclient:

export PASSWD
# choose backup file
DAY=`/bin/date +%u`
case $DAY in
  1) FILE="ahpbu";;
  2) FILE="bhpbu";;
  3) FILE="chpbu";;
  4) FILE="dhpbu";;
  5) FILE="ehpbu";;
  6) FILE="fhpbu";;
  7) FILE="ghpbu";;
for bufile in  database1 database2 
/opt/samba/bin/smbclient //bdcpub/$FILE  -U hp <<HERE
mkdir $bufile
cd $bufile
lcd /$bufile
prompt off
mput *

If you found something useful today, please consider a small donation.

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