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2005/05/09 p0f Passive Operating System Fingerprinting

Click here: http://lcamtuf.coredump .cx/p0f-help/. Did it identify you correctly? Most likely it did, but you'd probably be surprised to learn how. Some of it is covered at http://lcamtuf.coredump .cx/p0f/README and the author's book "Silence on the Wire" also explains what's underneath.

It would be interesting to lightly adjust Linux tcp/ip source to see what affect that would have. I wonder if those who have real reason to hide their identity have already used this to best determine their masquerading tactics.

For the rest of us, p0f could be useful for making decisions about suspect traffic (in fact, p0f has apparently been used in some intrusion detection software for just that reason). It could also be helpful in some of those mysterious network situations where something unknown on your lan is being annoying.. or when something you think you know isn't reacting as it should because it isn't what you think it is..

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