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2005/04/18 Groklaw

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Groklaw is the award winning chronicler of the SCO lawsuit(s). As such, it, and PJ (its editor) have been a very large and very annoying insect buzzing about SCO's head, constantly keeping the world aware of every mistep. Now SCO strikes back, well, no, that's not quite right. Maybe "Now SCO bitches loudly". Whatever: Maureen O'Hara says www.linuxbusinessweek.com/story/49228.htm (link dead, sorry) SCO Claims Groklaw's Pamela Jones Is "Not Who She Says She Is".

OK, maybe she isn't. I agree, the whole thing looks suspicious. And I agree there's a tremendous amount of bias there and there has been sloppy reporting in support of that bias (I know that from personal experience).

But so what?

Does that change any real facts here? If PJ is a fictional creation of IBM, does that mean that SCO has real evidence of their supposed ip having been put in Linux source? Does it change the fact that SCO screwed their own goose regularly over the past decade and more, culminating in the utter stupidity they are embroiled in now?

Yes, I understand that IBM shafted SCO badly with the Monterey deal. Well, guess what: that was another dumb move by SCO. Mice shouldn't make deals with big cats. If by some miracle a court supports the mouse's position here, the particular mouse in question is going to die anyway, if not by the claws of the IBM tiger then certainly with the help of the other big Microsoft one.

So, it would not surprise me a bit if PJ and Groklaw turned out to be a well-funded arm of IBM's legal department. If so, it doesn't change anything. Would it be a "dirty trick" by IBM? I guess, but it's such a yawner compared to most corporate malfeasance that not even I care. And it changes absolutely nothing.

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Mon May 2 21:29:35 2005: 426   anonymous

Her "editorial policies" remind me 1984

Tue May 3 09:57:34 2005: 429   TonyLawrence

gravatar (this post looks like spam)

Tue May 10 13:03:30 2005: 482   anonymous

Daryl, show us the infringing code or get the hell out of Dodge.


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