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The company formerly known as SCO. Or what was left over after Caldera bought all the Unix related stuff.

Tarantella makes (made) a product that competes with Windows Terminal Server (and of course with Citrix, etc.). I see that as a bad business to be in, but there are advantages: you can run Tarantella on a Unix/Linux platform, it's licensing costs may be cheaper, you may find its feature set meets your needs, etc.

(See Windows 2003 Terminal Server, Remote Desktop, thin clients and all that also)

Most recently, they've announced a Linux RDP client "written to Microsoft's RDP specification by a Microsoft licensee". Which is probably FUD designed to make you think that an RDP client without Microsoft's blessing won't work as well, but who knows? Maybe Microsoft licensing entitles them to some assistance the Open Source crowd is denied.

As Microsoft provides a RDP for MAC, why wouldn't they do the same for Linux? I dunno - Microsoft can be amazingly dumb in that area.

According to Wikipedia, Tarantella is now part of Oracle, who picked it up when they bought Sun.

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