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2004/12/29 Gambas

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This has been described as "Visual Basic for Linux". However, as explained at http://gambas.sourceforge.net/, it is like Visual Basic, and is definitely not mean to be a clone.

It is Basic, and it is GUI based. The author explains:

I want to clear up any misunderstanding immediately. Gambas does
not try to be compatible with Visual Basic, and will never be. I'm
convinced that its syntax and internals are far better than the
one's of its proprietary cousin ;-)

I took from Visual Basic what I found useful : the Basic language,
the development environment, and the easiness to quickly make
programs with user interfaces.

But I dislike the very bad level of common Visual Basic programmers,
often due to bad pratices imposed by the bugs and strangeness of
this language. So I will try to make Gambas as coherent, logical
and reliable as possible, and I hope that Gambas programmers will
make effort in return ! ;-) 

Sounds good to me..

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