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2004/12/25 bashdb

A better debugger for your Bash scripts: http://bashdb.sourceforge.net/. Actually, it replaces Bash, so if your script was particularly strange, you might exhibit a problem when it runs under bash but not bashdb or vice versa.

That would probably be a pretty rare circumstance though.. and I can tell you that I have wanted to single-step through a shell script more than once, not because the script was broken but just because I wanted to control it more easily than messing it up with additional "read junk" lines. So maybe this is worth taking a look at it.

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Tue Apr 12 15:11:40 2005: 332   anonymous

The patched sources to bash 2.05b contain the regression tests for bash, possibly some have been improved or expanded. These all work.

Of course, whenever one *extends* a language there's a possibility that somehow there's a conflict in the extension. Names in bash (but not so in modern Korn shell) have to be global in scope so there could be a problem there too. However the name scope problem is documented - basically debugger variables start with _Dbg_. I'd find it unlikely that one of these conflicts with existing programs.

But if there ever *has* been a problem with a program running in the unpatched bash versus the debugger-enabled bash, it has never been reported as a bug or on a bashdb mailing list.

Finally, debugging support from 2.05b was put in 3.0. So aside from the name scope problem you are in fact using the same underlying bash.

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