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2004/12/23 Fcheck

Another IDS (intrusion detection system). Open sourced, though personally I find it a little scary that the author was hosting his website at Geocities: http://www.geocities.com/ fcheck2000/ index.html(link dead!, but now this seems to be part of Ubuntu) just because that makes me think the whole thing is more likely to disappear at any moment.

Sourceforge is still free, isn't it? The account setup doesn't look so geeky that it should turn anyone off, so that can't be it. I can see if you have your own website, but even then why not put an open source project on Source Forge? I'm not a developer, I don't maintain any projects and aren't involved in any, so I may not be aware of some obvious reason, but Geocities just doesn't seem like the place..

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