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2004/12/13 pagerank

Primarily Google Pagerank, but could refer to any generic indication of site popularity. All of us who run web sites fret over popularity, either because more popularity means more revenue or just for bragging rights and pride. Or maybe both.

Increasing page rank is a subject full of both science and art, and because the search engines constantly adjust their algorithms to try for better results (thus making themselves more popular, of course), it is a never ending job. Are meta-tags in this month or out? Does increasing Google's taste for your site decrease someone elses? How do you balance the needs of search engines against the desires of the real people who read your content?

Aw, foo. It's all too confusing and complicated. Personally, I focus mostly on content and tend to ignore most of the other things the experts tell me to do. Maybe I lose some page rank that way, but it's a lot less stressful.

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"Personally, I focus mostly on content..."

Wise strategy, I'd say. Content is the only reason I visit websites. The content here -- along with the occasional controversy :-) -- is what keeps me interested, and probably others as well.


---December 14, 2004

I like to think of controversy as just additional content :-)


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