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2004/12/08 Howl

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© December 2004 Tony Lawrence

Mac users familiar with Rendezvous know what Howl is: it's Zeroconf networking. Open source, yes.

Zeroconf is designed for small networks, though it also has to be harmless to "real" networks - that is, networks with assigned IP addresses, DHCP servers etc. Zeroconf capable devices need nothing else to tell them how to make themselves part of a network:

(from http://www.zeroconf.org)

    * Allocate addresses without a DHCP server (IPv4 Link-Local
    * Translate between names and IP addresses without a DNS
    server (Multicast DNS)
    * Find services, like printers, without a directory server
    (DNS Service Discovery)
    * Allocate IP Multicast addresses without a MADCAP server
    (future work)

Howl is included with Fedora Core 3.

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