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If you search around for definitions of Archie, you'll find out that it is a tool for searching for files from anonymous ftp servers. You'll probably also find comments like this (from Glossary of Internet Terms):

Back when FTP was the main way people moved
files over the Internet archie was quite popular.

I would certainly agree with that - I haven't used archie in a long, long time. And yet, a Google search will turn up lots of Archie servers and lots of client software for various platforms. Somebody must still be using this..

Not only that, but Google tells me that Archie is now a commercial product owned by Bunyip Information Systems. However, "bunyip.com" doesn't have anything about Archie that I could find (though Google references to Bunyip.com and archie servers.html show that they did at one time). So is Archie a lifeless relic or not?

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