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2004/11/24 Grass

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GRASS GIS (Geographic Resources Analysis Support System) http://grass.fbk.eu/. Map rendering, etc. Linux and many other platforms. Mac OSX port at http://openosx.com/grass/index.html

I have trouble with anything beyond two dimensions. You probably remember taking intelligence tests where they show you unfolded boxes and ask you to pick the figure that represents it assembled? I always did badly on that part. It probably has something to do with having very poor vision and that not being known until well after I started school - they thought I was a bit retarded, an opinion still held by some, but actually I needed glasses. I think that not being able to see three dimensions clearly caused inferior development in those parts of my brain. What's really scary though is that in spite of that fact that I know I am hopelessly inept in those skills, I score in the 50th percentile for that section - which means that a lot of people are as pathetic as I am. No wonder engineers get paid well.

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Back when I was in school Grass had a different connotation -- and no electronics were involved.


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