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2004/11/23 Kino

http://kino.schirmacher.de/. Open Source video editing. Grab your camcorder, load up Kino, and watch Linux Journal warned that it is still in rough state and crashes now and then.

I don't even own a camcorder and can't imagine that I ever will, but if I did, I'd probably use a Mac for video editing. Aww, that's silly: I'm not into video at all. If I did own a camcorder, it would sit unused or I'd lend it to someone who'd never return it. But those are my limitations, aren't they? You, on the other hand, have a camcorder and the talent to use it. And since you don't have a Mac, but do have Linux, Kino might be just what you need on your way to Cannes.

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---November 23, 2004

Hmmm, I have a Sony Cybershot that I use for stills, but it has a video recording mode (MPEG Movie w/audio: 320x240 HQX, 320x240, 160x112) whether I want it or not. Also a sequential GIF mode. You may have a digital video cam and not even know it!

- dhh

---November 23, 2004

Nope :-) I don't own a digital camera, either. I did have some incredibly cheap and awful Kodak thing once, but I tossed that a while ago. Never cared much about cameras of any kind. If we need pictures, we usually buy the disposables.

We do have one of them new-fangled microwave things though..


---November 23, 2004

I have used both my MAC laptop, and Kino on Linux for video editing, and capturing from my camcorder. There is a command line utility named 'dvgrab', which is available from the kino website, and I have found 'dvgrab' to be the best program for capturing the video from my camcorder. Both the MAC, and Kino would spit and sputter the captured video. I don't know if my machines are too slow for the task, since you do need a fairly new machine to capture video properly. 'dvgrab' works everytime. Once I finish capturing with 'dvgrab' I can then use Kino, or my MAC for the editing. I kind of perfer Kino to my MAC. For me, it has been fairly stable. Again, I cannot really use it to capture, since the video gets very garbled, so I cannot really say how well it does that, since I cannot get past 5 minutes, without the audio and video losing sync.

Another thing I did notice, is that capturing on my MAC was next to impossible, until I switched out my IEEE1394 cable. This was very strange, since I figured it would either work, or not work. I could use all the camcorder functions, like FF, REW, PLAY, etc, but once I started the capture, the MAC would lockup. I then tried a different cable, and it worked fine. I still lose audio/video sync sometimes with the MAC, and since video capturing, and editing can be very time consuming, I now use 'dvgrab' on Linux, which always works, and keeps everything in sync.

- Bruce Garlock

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