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2004/11/22 Catb

© November 2004 Tony Lawrence

Eric S. Raymond's The Cathedral & the Bazaar. I couldn't find my copy - thought I had lent it to someone - and I wanted to read it again. Bummer. Happily, I spotted it mis-shelved just this morning. Read it again, and still don't understand why anyone but a fellow geek would enjoy this. And yet the popular press praised it. Maybe they thought they were supposed to like it? Or were embarrased that 90% of it made no sense to them? I don't know - it is a good book - assuming you are of a geekish slant, of course, but why would you be here if not?

Anyway, it is ESR that refers to it as Catb. It took me a few minutes to figure out what he meant because I had dropped in to the middle of some other page of his. My (alleged) brain kept translating that sublimally as "cat bird", which made no sense. Not that lack of sense ever stopped me from plowing on, but this just wasn't working, so I had to search back to the beginning to (duh) figure out what my cat-bird really was.

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