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2004/11/20 blosxom

A simple Perl blogging tool. It doesn't require MySQL or really anything beyond the most basic Perl, so it is easy to plug in anywhere. It uses text files as its database, thus making it easy to interface with anything else. http://www.blosxom.com/

I've played with it, though I don't use it here. It seems fairly easy to configure, though not all the plugins are well documented or complete.

This did bring up a question for me: what defines a Blog? Yes, yes, I know: for most of the world, it's someone writing about politics, or what cute thing their cat did today, and although there are a few genuinely interesting folks doing things like that, most of it is as close to pointless as is possible. Most of those bloggers realize that themselves pretty quickly and fade away into inactivity.

But there are Tech Blogs, and I consider that this site is (among other things) that. But what makes it so? Is it the fact that I update daily that makes it a blog? I suppose that's part of it, but Slashdot certainly updates daily and I don't think of that as a Blog. No, I think what characterizes a blog is personality: the person or persons writing it are injecting their own psyches into the writing, giving us a sense of a real person. That's what makes a Blog. In the 'politics/what my dog did yesterday/my kids are driving me crazy' world, that's also what makes a blog worth reading at all. A Tech Blog may be read for its tech value only, but if you want to write about your parakeet, it had better be entertaining.

There is good stuff out there, by the way. I recently found Blog Explosion which promotes blogs by forcing those who want to promote themselves to sit through 30 seconds of someone elses blog. My initial thought was, frankly, "this is ridiculous", and it may well be in terms of promotion, but nevertheless I have found it interesting and have actually enjoyed many of the blogs it has sent me to. Undoubtedly there are better ways to find interesting bloggers, but I found that being forced to wait 30 seconds caused me to look deeper at sites I otherwise would have flipped right by, and some of them were worth that extra investment of time. So while I have no interest or need for the advertising benefits claimed, I still call this up for entertainment value. How strange..

Oh, yeah: Blosxom. Yes, that makes Blogs.

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