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2004/11/19 Yellow Dog Linux

Linux for Macs. I thought this was near dead, but apparently not: http://www.yellowdoglinux.com/ I'm not sure I understand why you wouldn't run OS X if your hardware can, but for older Macs maybe this is a way to go. But here's an article entitled "Why I Ditched MacOSX for Linux - A Yellow Dog Linux 3.0 Review": http://osnews.com/story.php?news_id=3596. (the review is of YDL 3.0).

Update November 2007:

YellowDog still exists. Terra Soft is still selling it for Apple Power PC's, IBM Cell boxes, and PS3 machines. That ought to keep it aive for quite a while.

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---November 19, 2004

Yellowdog is also "Terra Soft Solutions", which is a "value added" Apple resaler. So you can buy apple products from them with OS X or Linux installed, or have them dual boot it. Also they have some other non-apple PPC machine aviable.

Right now the best (IMO) Apple machine for Linux is the iBook with it's 9200 mobile radeon, which has 3d accelerated support from the DRI project. It's still sort of experimental, but it's possible to get 3d acceleration going with a little work.

Other computers using newer ATI or Nvidia cards do not support acceleration because those companies refuse to support developement of open source drivers and do not provide propriatory drivers for PPC platforms. Linux PPC is a minority of a minority.

However the ibook wireless is broadcom unit, I beleive, and it won't work.


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