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2004/11/17 LyX

http://www.lyx.org. A GUI word processor that outputs LaTex files. Why would you want to do this? Probably if you had to share documents with someone who uses TEX but don't want the trouble of learning it, or perhaps just for the quickies that it can do for you easily.

Some folks say that LaTex generates much higher quality output and that it is really not hard to learn.

LaTeX really shines when it comes to anything with a lot of math because it already knows about many mathematical symbols (see A Math Sample File for examples).

TeX (which does the actual work), LaTeX and this LyX are all free..

There are a number of on-line learning courses for LaTex; search Google for "Learning Latex"). There are also books.

Personally, I limp along with "vi", but I don't print much of anything..

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