2004/10/31 amavis

Amavis is a glue script that interfaces an MTA like sendmail, qmail, etc. with actual virus scanners. Because mail systems vary so much in their configuration, installing Amavis and whatever scanner you actually will use can be confusing. Fortunately the web is full of recipes and how-to's for all sorts of configurations. Here's a typical example: How To Install Postfix, Amavis, ClamAV, and Spamassassin on Debian Linux

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---October 31, 2004

I used to use Amavis, until I found a much easier to install virus scanner hook into sendmail. MailScanner does a much better job at checking your system for dependencies, and the documentation includes many links to any requirements. It also works very fast.


- Bruce Garlock

Hmmm...can't seem to connect to the above link -- "connection refused."


---November 1, 2004

I just tried, and was able to get in fine. Maybe a google cache will be helpful?

- Bruce Garlock

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