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2004/10/30 shtool

Some material is very old and may be incorrect today

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The GNU shtool is one big shell script that encapsulates a number of somewhat difficult or tricky tasks. While its primary intent is for use within installation scripts, it can also be useful for general scripting and is very educational with regard to learning portable shell scripting.


From the man page:

##  Available commands:
##    echo       Print string with optional construct expansion
##    mdate      Pretty-print modification time of a file or dir
##    table      Pretty-print a field-separated list as a table
##    prop       Display progress with a running propeller
##    move       Move files with simultaneous substitution
##    install    Install a program, script or datafile
##    mkdir      Make one or more directories
##    mkln       Make link with calculation of relative paths
##    mkshadow   Make a shadow tree through symbolic links
##    fixperm    Fix file permissions inside a source tree
##    rotate     Logfile rotation
##    tarball    Roll distribution tarballs
##    subst      Apply sed(1) substitution operations
##    platform   Platform Identification Utility
##    arx        Extended archive command
##    slo        Separate linker options by library class
##    scpp       Sharing C Pre-Processor
##    version    Maintain a version information file
##    path       Deal with program paths

I installed that on my Mac OS X box - it needs "pod2man", which I needed to get from CPAN ("install Pod::Man").

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-> shtool encapsulates a number of somewhat difficult or tricky tasks.

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