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2004/10/09 honeyd

© October 2004 Tony Lawrence

A honeypot that uses separate scripts for the services you want to trap. Although Developments of the Honeyd Virtual Honeypot says

Honeyd should compile and run on *BSD
systems, GNU/Linux and Solaris. It
requires libevent, libdnet and libpcap

I couldn't make it work on a brand new RedHat system. I got by everything else, but although libreadline definitely is installed, the configure script thinks it isn't. It says it can use "libedit" instead, but I couldn't get that to work either. Looks like a good project; maybe I'll try again when I have more time.

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---October 9, 2004

Maybe you didn't have the developement package for libreadline installed? I guess the -dev packages contain extra configuration information, headers, and some other stuff you sometimes need to compile apps against.


---October 9, 2004

I didn't try compiling it becuuse it's already there - when I have time, I'll loop back on this.


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