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2004/10/02 rebol

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Another odd little scripting language. I was particularly amused at the so called "FAQ" and this description:

It's a messaging language ` 'rebel' not 'ree-ball' ` code is data
and data is code ` CGI? Yes ` 40+ platforms ` only 250K-500K `
console or GUI ` Yes, just a single file ` commercial versions =
same core + ODBC, SSL, and more - shallow learning curve, amazing
depth ` keep IT simple ` if you liked "The Matrix"..

If code is data and data is code, you can keep it, thanks.

Then there was:

If you do text processing, it's great for that too; no reg-ex's,
but it has something better (the PARSE function)

No regexes?? Here's a page on PARSE: https://www.rebol.com/docs/words/wparse.html. That's better than regexes??? I don't think so, sorry..

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Fri Mar 25 12:05:26 2005: 234   anonymous (looks like spam)

Thu Dec 15 16:50:02 2005: 1440   anonymous

"I don't think so,"

Why not?

Thu Dec 15 18:16:54 2005: 1441   TonyLawrence

Because it's nothing better, so why not use standards?

Sat Dec 17 03:23:21 2005: 1444   BigDumbDinosaur

Because it's nothing better, so why not use standards?

I fully agree with Tony's assessment.

I've often contended that some of these so-called languages originate because their authors can't comprehend what already is in widespread use. I recall that sort of thinking in a post elsewhere on this site to the effect that the getopt library function in C was nasty and crufty because it uses "hard coded externs." Because the poster, for reasons that elude me, apparently doesn't understand the logic behind getopt, a function that has been around since the days when computers were as big as a house, he dismisses it as useless.

Oftentimes, languages like rebol are so far off the mark they defy explanation. Plus the "code is data and data is code" mantra is a total turnoff to me. Look at the mess Windows is in because of this flawed form of thinking. I can't see any reason why any programmer worthy of the name would even consider this abortion.

Summing it up, "no thanks."


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