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2004/09/02 bochs

© September 2004 Tony Lawrence

An Intel emulator. Runs under Windows, Mac OS X or probably any Unix you can compile it on.

This is an emulator - every single instruction is emulated, not run, so don't expect blazing performance. However, the DLX Linux demo included with the Windows install is quite usable.

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---September 2, 2004

The interesting thing is that everything is emulated. You have a BIOS, the cpu is emulated, the disk is emulated, everything. You even have a custom VGA BIOS that you need to have for your computer.

Other types of emulators like VMware emulate the hardware by translating the instructions so that they run directly on your computer hardware. Bosch emulates everything down to the cpu instructions. That makes it so that it can run any x86 OS on any hardware you can compile it on.

I installed Bosch on my linux laptop for a while. It has a 2.0ghz pentium4 M proccessor. On it I had installed Freedos in one loopback filesytem and Dos 7.xx on the other. On the Dos one I eventually installed a very stripped down version of Win98. A lot like Win98 lite, it's a stripped down explorer shell that ran with some Win95 binaries to create the most absolute minimal install possible. Booted up into dos changed over to the windows directory and execute win from their.

All and all it was very interesting, but very slow.



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