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2004/07/03 Haskell

© July 2004 Tony Lawrence

Another programming language: The Haskell Programming Language

As with every other programming language, the proponents explain that other programming languages are difficult and hard to use, but this one, yes, this one is different!

And of course it really isn't. If your mind likes working the way this works, then yeah, you will grok it easily, like it, and no doubt become very productive, thus proving (to yourself at least) that yes, all those other languages are clumsy and non-intuitive.

If not, then you won't grok it, won't like it, and certainly won't be productive. Selecting a programming language is much like selecting a mate; sometimes things just click and sometimes they don't.

Here's another language you are really unlikely to use : https://compsoc.dur.ac.uk/whitespace/tutorial.php

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Too many friggin' languages and not enough time to look at 'em all. Being the big, broken-down, old dinosaur that I am, I think I'll stick to languages I already know: machine code (yeah, yeah, I know: that isn't a real language -- but I understand it anyhow), C, Business BASIC and if I really strain my brain, I'll bet I can still do some FORTRAN. I'm pretty good at writing UNIX shell scripts and I'm steadily improving with Perl.

Lessee. I don't know C++++++ (how many pluses are there?), don't know Pascal, have forgotten what little I knew about Forth, can't remember diddley about COBOL (it's been 25 or so years since I last looked at COBOL), can barely write raw HTML, wouldn't know where to start with Java, and worst of all, don't know nothing about Visual Basic (nor do I care to).

So, I guess that makes me pretty useless in today's computer scene. Sounds like it's time for me to retire and get a job at Wal*Mart greeting customers and sticking smiley faces on the kids.

Now, what did they say? This new language is different? Where have I heard that before?



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