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2004/03/17 mx record

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Mail Exchange record(s). For email to work, you need one or more hosts in DNS designated as being the MX entry.

If you aren't controlling your own DNS, I've found some tech people can be snottily difficult about this. If, for example, I tell them that I want my MX to be 12.xyz.xyz.xx, I may get the response that "MX has to be a host, not an IP". Well, duh, (obviously) there's already a host there that is the MX, I just need to change it to this ip. Some of these people just like being control freaks. If I instead start out by telling them that I want to change the IP of "mail", I've gotten smart-asses who do that and then smugly wait for me to complain that they took off the MX flag.

Some of the many, many reasons why I'd rather maintain this stuff myself.

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