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2004/01/27 travan

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In my opinion, this should be a synonym for "junk".

These are very inexpensive tape drives with a horrible reputation for quality. The tapes are expensive, because that's where all the engineering is: the drive itself is basically dumb.

However, there is Travan and then there is Travan. Not all models are so horrible, and the ridiculous expense may be offset by a long warranty.

Still, at least at the low end, I don't like these.

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-> travan tape drives junk?

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Well, after 3 years all the travans I had installed had failed. Nevermore quothe the reseller.

"In my opinion, this should be a synonym for 'junk'."

Amen. The best I can say about Travan drives and their ancestors (the old mini-cartridge abortions) is that they are cheap. Stay away from these doorstops if at all possible! Either look at optical storage or invest in a 4mm drive and SCSI card to go with it.



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