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2004/01/05 wumpus

Hunt the Wumpus was an early game often found on Unix systems. You can relive those days of old in various places:

Hunt the Wumpus 98

http://www.funkypages.com/games/wumpus.php(link dead, sorry)

None of those are like playing on a terminal, but you can have that if you want: Resource page for wumpus 1.5

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I remember spending hours on this game on my TI 99/4a PC. Maybe I will see how good I am now..

- Bruce Garlock

I never played wumpus but I do recall it being on some of the systems I encountered back when Jimmy Carter was being attacked by rabbits while fishing. <Smile>

I never was one for playing computer games. Getting the machine to do what I wanted was enough of a challenge.


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