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Winding down

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I wrote an article today titled Beyond Hummingbird - the real future of Search and SEO. It's published at Bubblews rather than here.

I was really torn about where to put that. The subject matter is appropriate here, but the audience I wanted to reach included many of the people at Bubblews who don't understand what is happening in SEO and specifically with Google. Many of them are angry at Google because the algorithm changes of the past few years destroyed their writing income.

I talked a bit about that in that article. Sometimes that income was rightfully destroyed and sometimes it was just collateral damage. If you are one who was damaged, it can be hard to step back and look at it all without jaundice. I tried to show that these things do need to be looked at dispassionately and mentioned the steep decline of this site as a case in point. I'm not happy that we've lost 75% of former traffic here and 90% of former income, but I do understand why that happened and I don't blame anyone for it.

As one of the comments at that article mentioned, the Internet has changed. Simple writing like this cannot compete with (quote):

flowery marketing language, getting them to sign up to your
newsletter, having a facebook page, tweeting about unix developments,
having funky and exciting graphics on your database-driven website
pulling in information from APIs, writing your weekly informative
newsletter and sending it out via email marketing, running a facebook
competition, waxing lyrical about "this month's lucky winner"
and running competitions that engage and interest your readers
..... blah blah blah .... pin it on pinterest, share it on tumblr,
tweet about how great the response is to your poll ... blah blah blah

That is very true. I can't compete with that.

None of this is going to cause me to quit entirely, but it does dampen my enthusiasm. I'll still share things now and then, but the days of daily posting are gone. I've lost interest, honestly.

So, it's not quite goodbye, but expect to see less of me here. Eventually, as my business need for this site declines, I'll reluctantly tear it down. That's probably at least five to ten years off - and I hope longer, but it is inevitable.

To those of you who have been with me from the beginning, don't be a stranger! My email is easy to find, right? Say Hi now and then and tell me what you are up to, because I really would like to know.

Got something to add? Send me email.

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Wed Oct 9 17:25:17 2013: https://bcstechnology.net12346   BigDumbDinosaur


This site has usually been my first stop in the morning when I go on-line to see if the world is still intact. It would be strange if I had to remove it from my bookmarks. Of course, nothing is as constant as change, and this site (as well as mine) going dark is eventually going to happen. Let's hope, Tony, that you see fit to postpone the inevitable as long as possible.

Fri Oct 11 13:45:51 2013: 12349   TonyLawrence


I've started a Blogger blog: (link)

It's not just tech stuff though, and as some of you know I am one of those bird brained liberals who are trying to destroy the American way with our insane views on health care, gay marriage, taxes and other crazy ideas, so you might not want to read some of it.


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