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Twitter Types

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I recently started using Twitter, but initially couldn't imagine what all the fuss was about. Apparently there are people using Twitter for different reasons:

Classic, or Whassup?: Way back when (must be like years and years ago now), Twitter was conceived as a way for friends and family to keep track of each other. Amazingly enough, some people still use it for that (though I don't actually know anyone who does so).

Stat Builder: How many Twitter followers can you have? How many tweets have you written? Both worthy statistics, and especially the latter, as anyone who is willing to post every single random thought can quickly build up high numbers. Attracting followers may seem more difficult, but in fact most of us will automatically follow back anyone who follows us, so no, it's not that hard. But if you are also a Tweet count builder, it gets more tricky, as your constant posting may annoy your new found followers..

Look at me!: Some use Twitter exclusively to toot their own horn, twittering each and every one of their blog posts. A lot of these are really 'bots, but some at least take the trouble to put a human touch on their advertising.

Look at that!: These folks point out interesting things they've noticed around the web or comment on news items we've all seen.

Good night, Chet: These Twitterers confine themselves to saying "Good Morning" when they first get up, and "Good Night" when they are done for the day.

Whiners:: I hate my job. It's too hot in here. The guy in the next cubicle smells bad.

Spread the Joy!: I love my job! I love the World! Life is Grand!

Weather Twits: It's raining here. Is it raining there?

Special Interests: Good examples: Tomato Guy and Twittilate (Not safe for work)

Lurkers: Never say anything. They just read. Or maybe they forget they signed up and aren't really there at all.

Mixed bag: A mixture of all or most of the above.. and that's probably most of us, right?

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