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Stanza and epub formats for e-books

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Just this week one of my e-book purchasers wrote to tell me that he was unhappy with the formatting because he wanted to read it on his iPhone. I had no idea what it would take to do that but looked around and found www.lexcycle.com/stanza (link dead, sorry) Stanza. If I load a pdf into the desktop version of this, I can save it back in "epub" format and that should improve the reading experience somewhat.

It isn't perfect - the conversion doesn't seem to understand my chapter headings so it just treats them as more text. I'm sure I can fix that eventually but even without that it is a big improvement.

He also mentioned the U.S. centric formatting - I used "US Letter", which won't print well in Europe. I don't quite follow that: US Letter is smaller than A4 so why would that be a problem? Maybe I'm just not thinking that through.. wouldn't there just be a little extra white space??

Anyway, here's the thing: if you bought one of my e-books and want it in a different format, just let me know. I'll do everything I can to help you get something you can use on whatever device you are using.

If I have to send it to you in Microsoft Word, I'll even do that! Really: don't suffer with a format that doesn't work for you. Just tell me what you need.

If you found something useful today, please consider a small donation.

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-> Stanza and epub formats for e-books


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Mon Jan 12 18:37:51 2009: 5167   TonyLawrence

Within my abilities, of course: I'm not going to translate it into a foreign language.

Mon Jan 12 19:29:35 2009: 5168   TonyLawrence

I also just had someone ask about printing in a Circa Notebook size (link)

He asked how often I'll be changing and adding - I wish I knew. I'd say I might still be adding and changing for at least another year, maybe longer..


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