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RIP, Internet Explorer

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Microsoft is finally replacing IE: Report: Microsoft's Spartan browser due in next Windows 10 preview

The softies are all agog over its "new" features. Most of these are just stuff we've had in other browsers for years, but one may actually be unique: the ability to doodle annotations on a web page and collaborate with others. Just think: you can draw a big red arrow to point at what you want your friends to read. And then they can draw something mildly obscene in response. Sounds like great fun, Microsoft!

Of more concern is the question of "is this just IE rebaked?". Microsoft assures that it is not - all new code, they say. I'll pause for applause.

Though I do have a question. The code may be new, but is it going to perform differently? Oh, yeah, faster, more secure (right up to next Tuesday's patches anyway), sure. But is the rendering going to be more like standards compliant Opera or more like IE?

After all, far too many web pages stupidly depend on IE "features". I can't imagine that Microsoft is going to break all thoses pages. That they DESERVE breakage is a given, but I don't think Microsoft will agree. My guess is that Spartan will have all the IE quirks any lazy web designer could desire and will render those "IE recommended" web pages just as IE would.

Never fear, Microsoft "standards" will live on and on.

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-> RIP, Internet Explorer


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Here's an interesting look at Win 10 from a Linux users's point of view:

Thu Apr 2 09:33:13 2015: 12644   TonyLawrence


And this is a deeper look at Spartan by CNN



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