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I added SolidOpinion Comments to this website recently. I did that because I'm wasn't happy with my homebrewed comment system. I wanted better authentication and the ability to nest replies. I could have added those features to my code, but I'm lazy and have too much else to do so I never got around to it.

So I took the lazy route. There are dozens and dozens of web based comment systems to choose from; all are easy to implement and their features are similar. My concern with any and all of them is that they may go out of business and take the comments with them. There's no good answer for that - it doesn't matter who I choose as any could go under.

Of course you might suggest finding open source code that I could work from. That's worse than adding features to my own code, because I have to understand their code before I can integrate it and if I had time and interest in that, I'd have the time and interest to modify my own! So that brings me back to the lazy route.

No good answers.

Got something to add? Send me email.

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