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SME Server

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The SME server is a Linux based, open source web, email and file/print server. It can also function as a firewall. If you want a simple in-house server for any reason, this is a great way to do it.

You'll find SME server at Contribs.org. That site is sometimes a little slow, but it's improving.

The 7.0 release is Centos based and although it is said to be beta at this writing, it seems to be quite stable and I personally recommend downloading that rather than the 6.5 version.

This is NOT something you install on an existing Linux system. This is a CD image; you burn a CD and use that CD to install the complete system, OS and all, on a computer. As this is assumed to be a server, there's no provision for dual boot: this is all or nothing; you need to dedicate a box to it.

The install is easy, and administration is through a web browser. Very little knowledge is needed to set up and configure this, but if you do have Linux knowledge you can effectively modify this to do whatever you need.

Nice system, worth a look.

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