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Less is more

© December 2005 Tony Lawrence

There's an exception to every rule, but for most blogging posts, the ideal size is somewhere in the 200 to 500 words range. If you can't deal with the subject in that size box, you probably need to break it up into multiple posts.

Why? Because we are "sound-bite" people nowadays. We have short attention spans. We want it quick, we want it now.

But there are exceptions. There are times when the "break it up" advice isn't good advice. It has become almost sacrilege to say so, but some subjects are simply too complicated to squeeze into a few hundred words, and you will risk annoying your readers if you artificially break a complex piece into sections.

If you feel something is too long (and it may be), work at trimming back the whole thing before you consider breaking it up at all.

If something logically falls into separate parts, like the chapters of a book, yes, of course, make it separate posts. If it doesn't, if you are arbitrarily chopping your post apart because it's "too long", don't do it. Contrary to most advice you'll read, that may make it even less likely that your visitors will read all that you had to say.

Short posts are good, but not everything can be said succinctly. Some ideas require more words, and if that's the case, let it be. Break the rules. It's OK.

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