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Six Million Minutes, give or take

© April 2009 Anthony Lawrence

It's been a little over six million minutes since I put the very first post on this website. I don't really know how many visitors and page views we've had since then because I've only been using Google Analytics since July of 2005. That's almost two million minutes though, which is a pretty long time, so I thought I'd ask Analytics to give me Top Content for the time that it knows at least.

Surprisingly, it only takes a few seconds for Analytics to churn through and add all that up; the results are in the table below. I understand the popularity of most of these pages. There are two that make no sense: The "Google Earth Street View" and the "Panasonic LF-D201U DVD-RAM" get traffic for no reason that I can guess.

If you aren't using Analytics, you are missing out on a lot of useful and interesting data. I wish I could go all the way back to 1997 with this, but having it from 2005 isn't shabby either.

====> This little exercise made me wonder just what is the highest page view tally for a single "real" page. That is, a real post that people read: not AOL's home page or anything else that changes constantly, but a static page like these.

I tried Googling but all I find is pages like this or references to Orkut, Facebook, etc. Those aren't what I want to know. Any ideas?

Top 25 pages, July 11 2005 through April 4th 2009

PagePageviewsUnique Pageviews
Lost root password (Linux) 186,862164,499
Using Sudo 167,156154,358
The Gimp: Making Colors in a GIF Transparent 162,098149,217
Perl Getopt and GetOptions 144,548126,919
Home Page 137,561102,438
Using the shell (Terminal) in Mac OS X 132,831120,641
Basic DNS: PTR records and why you care 120,789111,642
Google Earth Street View 112,28386,540
Getopt and getopts 96,80787,471
GPG/PGP Basics 93,37682,061
Perl Net::FTP 80,89368,021
Linux Logical Volume Manager (LVM) on Software RAID 74,24067,581
How can I recursively grep through sub-directories? 71,50467,017
UNIX Basics: JOB SCHEDULING 68,24863,122
Writing and Compiling C programs on Linux 65,35358,999
Perl Input 62,97758,849
Panasonic LF-D201U DVD-RAM 55,68649,396
How can i mount a ISO Image CD ? 55,55649,197
Windows 2003 Terminal Server, Remote Desktop, thin clients and all that 55,09750,021
Tightvnc, Chicken of the VNC 53,50746,374
How can I send attachments from the command line? 47,72144,465
Apt-get for RedHat Linux 45,10936,997
RedHat RPM Source Packages 44,97441,561
Verizon Cell Phone Internet Connections 44,26037,967
Yesterdays date 43,67739,317

Some of the pages above were posted before I started using Analytics, so their real page view count is higher.. I have no data though.

Got something to add? Send me email.

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-> Six Million Minutes, give or take


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Sun Apr 5 18:10:44 2009: 6009   TonyLawrence

I've sent email to all the "big names" that I have email for - it isn't very many and it will probably just get ignored.

Anybody have any "in" with anyone who might have a handle on the "Highest Page Views Ever" question?

Sun Apr 5 22:26:49 2009: 6010   BigDumbDinosaur

Anybody have any "in" with anyone who might have a handle on the "Highest Page Views Ever" question?

Not me, but it doesn't surprise me that the "lost password" page is number one on your hit parade. What did surprise me was that my cron article made it into the top 25. And to think I dashed off the article as explanatory material for a friend who was taking his first UNIX steps...

The one that I wrote that isn't in the list was one I would have though to be more relevant these days (annotated guide to Samba configuration).

Sun Apr 5 23:59:25 2009: 6011   BrettLegree

Six million - wow, when you put it that way...

We'll have to see what the "big names" have to say - in the mean time, I will check out some of your more popular articles. I've read a few of them, but there are a lot I have missed.

Mon Apr 6 11:15:09 2009: 6012   TonyLawrence

I would have expected that Samba Guide to do better also, but it's actually pretty far down: 3,576 views for the same period. That's not shabby though: it's position 346 overall !

Mon Apr 6 11:19:29 2009: 6013   TonyLawrence

We'll have to see what the "big names" have to say

I got one response: he didn't understand the question.. :-)

Mon Apr 6 12:13:10 2009: 6014   TonyLawrence

By the way, that article Steggy mentioned is at (link)


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