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It's a good thing Girish Venkatachalam has been posting so much - it has given me time to do some much needed maintenance here.

First, I've removed a lot of duplicate posts. I don't mean duplicate in the sense of being similar; I mean really being exactly the same post! That kind of thing happened years ago during reorganizations, but I've cleaned up a lot of it in the last few weeks. Not ALL of it, but I'll get there.

The other project I've been working on is the "Newer/Older" links. Those have had serious problems for some time - again, I haven't fixed EVERYTHING yet, but I have fixed a lot of that.

Finally, while going through those items, I'm fixing cosmetic problems as I notice them. I'm not concerning my self with W3C HTML adherence on the older pages yet - I want to get all the rest of this stuff done before I go looking for those problems.

Some day I might run out of things to fix. I think I'll be very, very old.

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Tue Sep 8 18:19:32 2009: 6873   AlekseyTsalolikhin

Hi, Tony. Why is Girish posting on your blog? I think I missed something... Is he working for you or ?


Tue Sep 8 18:21:02 2009: 6874   TonyLawrence

No, he's just been submitting guest posts: see (link)

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