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Blogging style needs a change?

© December 2005 Tony Lawrence

I can get rapidly rabid on political subjects. I'm not one for the relaxed, considered viewpoint - light my fuse and seconds later the whole pack of firecrackers will be popping away, bouncing around with lots of sparks, smoke and noise. Righteous indignation, furious fervor and snap judgements spew out all over the place, and the only good part is that, like firecrackers, it's all over quickly, and when it's over, it's over: I'm not one to stew and brood about anything.

On the other hand, when writing about technical subjects, I can be calm and procedural. Here we are at point A, and we need to get to C. There is the path, let me show you the way.

In my various blogs, you'll find both styles of writing. That's probably confusing for some readers: those who visit for the fuming and fussing don't get their adrenalin rush from the non-political writings, while those who wanted to learn something might walk away from a political rant feeling dazed and confused.

That's not necessarily a bad thing, and in fact it's the point of this article: sometimes a sharp change of course can shake up your blog and make it more interesting. If you are the methodical and studied type who carefully weighs all sides of every question, you probably can't suddenly appear in your blog as the wild eyed madman waving a Molotov cocktail - never mind that your readers would panic, that kind of radical change probably just isn't in you. But perhaps you can change course in other ways: maybe a humorous slant can break you out of the doldrums. Or if you are always taking the 20,000 foot view, delve into some details for a change. If you've always been the technical detail type, put in an opinion piece, or a guess at the future as related to whatever it is you write about. Mix it up, create some variety. You might scare a few people, but you may also gain some new readers and this sort of change can also spark new creativity in your other writing.

Go ahead, take a chance. Blow off some steam, do something daring, take a chance, push on the walls a little. It will be good for you and your readers.

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